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A New Book by Jim Stavis


Facing Adversity Head On

Triple Organ Transplant: One man's brave journey through life's adversity.

This book is about overcoming all the odds. It is achievement paired with loss, and accomplishment paired with adversity. It is having faith that in all things, even the most challenging and heartbreaking, you can learn and gain something important. It begins with the hope and belief that you can get through anything, even if it’s your only option.

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“I loved this book. Jim is a very strong and inspirational man. Although he was faced with great adversity he remained positive throughout,and is blessed with a wonderful support group of family and friends. This book is an autobiography of his life to date,what was wonderful about this book also was that throughout telling his story he provides reflective questions for the reader to look at in there own life,it helped me greatly. Thank you Jim for a very inspiring book,thank you also to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.” —Michelle Murray, NetGalley

"I just finished your book. I want to say that the way this book is written gave me perspective and clarity of my own life. I have had my own trials and tribulations, which I certainly can’t compare to yours, but I hope I handled my adversities with grace and hope for the future as well as you did. I cried on many pages, particularly when you describe your recovery from your surgeries. I know this book will be wildly successful. It is not only a book of your story, but inspiration to anyone who has been through trials and tribulations." —Karen

Triple Transplant Patient Defies Early Prognosis


When Jim Stavis was 17, he was told he'd be lucky to live past his 50th birthday. At that time, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Doctors expected him to be plagued by kidney and heart disease, blindness and amputation before succumbing to diabetes at a young age. In December 2017, Stavis—who received three transplants at Cedars-Sinai—celebrated his 63rd birthday.

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Reader Reviews

“This is a fascinating story about the incredible power of our attitude…I will continually come back to the pages of this book in my continuous search for inspiration and hope.”

“Thank goodness Jim is with us to tell this heartwarming and adversity-driven story. Amazing!”

“As a person who suffers from a chronic illness, this book resonated with me on an extremely powerful and emotional level; the diagnosis at such a young age, the “grieving process” that Jim went through and ultimately the moment that he came to accept his diagnosis were incredibly similar to my own.”

"His story is powerful because he never gave up hope throughout facing death by being proactive about doing everything in his power to consult with the best medical providers and doing what they told him. He could have easily given up, but instead persevered by having faith and always having hope."

“This author wrote this book to help other’s who face life-challenging adversity learn from his personal life-threatening challenges that by keeping a positive attitude and using hope as an action verb, we too can overcome our own adversity when facing loss.”

 “The author’s bravery and humanitarian qualities are quite impressive and his desire by sharing his story is to selflessly instill in others that not only can you overcome life’s obstacles, but you can thrive and learn from yours.”

“This was such an inspirational read. It contained so many quotes that one could use as personal mantras to get them through difficult situations. If there was one book you should keep in your personal library or purchase to give as a gift, this is just it.”

“Jim is a remarkable person, selfless, loving, empathetic and a real-life inspiration to us all. Jim’s faith was surely tested when he was told three of his organs failed him and would need a transplant.”

“This is definitely a title I would recommend to any who have been diagnosed with a chronic, life-long illness, to any who wish to better understand the topic or to any who wish to better understand a person in their lives who has such an illness.”

"I am glad and feel grateful to this author for sharing his story. It is inspiring to know it is up to us, as individuals, when going through a crisis that we each have strengths to tap into that determine whether we overcome adversity.”

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When Hope Is Your Only Option